Our Detailers can design the most simple or complex roof trusses analysing all timber, connectors, girder brackets and hold-down requirements to the most cost effective and practical solutions. Floor truss systems along with beams can also be analysed. Timber cut webs, timber square cut webs or MiTek's metal PosiStrut web are all options depending on your preferences.



Our reliable fleet includes two trucks with HIAB cranes and two Utes, operated by fully qualified professionals. Safety is important to us so we take care to evaluate the hazards and access of each building site ahead of time so that delivery is a smooth process.


The exacting structural analysis used in the MiTek software optimises the structure so that the structural strength is maximised while cost is minimised. MiTek software is well above the industry standard. That's what a panel of product users, software specialists and building designers, decided during the rigorous evaluation for the Australian DesignMark award.